Le GDR 3217 a été renouvelé en janvier 2017 et s'appelle maintenant "Graphene and Co"

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Graphene and Nanotubes : science and applications' (acronyme GNT) tirer parti de la visibilité et de la structuration des recherches acquises sur les nanotubes pour développer un tissu de recherches croisées entre nanotubes et graphène. Son activité scientifique s'articulera sur trois thèmes de recherche qui focalisent l'intérêt aussi bien sur la connaissance des propriétés fondamentales de ces nano-objets, en particulier au niveau individuel, que leur manipulation pour le développement de dispositifs à même d'être exploités par le monde industriel ou socio-économique. Le groupement réunit un ensemble de partenaires, français, européens et canadien qui ont joué un rôle de premier plan dans les activités relatives aux Nanotubes de carbone dans le précédent GDR et auxquels s'ajoutent des spécialistes internationalement reconnus de la thématique Graphène. Les activités du groupement seront menées en étroite interaction avec un groupement national, également créé par le CNRS à partir de 2009, qui réunit la communauté nationale menant des recherches sur les mêmes thèmes..

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GNT News

Millie Dresselhaus died earlier on Monday 20th February at the Mount Auburn Hospital surrounded by her family and other people she loved. Her funeral will be arranged for this Wednesday at MIT (by Jewish tradition this must happen very soon).

We are indebted so much to her for all she has done in the field of graphite and related materials  and how she has inspired researches worldwide with an amazing energy and vision during fifty years.

The plan at MIT is to celebrate Millie's life at a larger gathering in the future. Memorial sessions will be organized at the next Graphene conference 2017 at Bercelona next March at the Conference NT17 in June at Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

The story on the MIT website provides some broad information, in addition to MIT-specific details

The coordinators of the GDR/GDR-I Graphene and co

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A meeting, dedicated to the use of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes in industrial applications will be organised on Tuesday April 4th 2017 at CNRS Meudon-Bellevue Campus, conveniently reachable (~ 20mins) by train from Gare de Montparnasse (Paris, France).

Scope :

The scope of this meeting is to disseminate the results of the research activity performed within the   EU/Japan funded IRENA project, Indium REplaced by Single Walled Carbon NAnotube Thin Films, briefly described in the attached flyer. The goal is to bring together academic researchers with engineers, and industrial decision makers already using, planning to use or simply interested in implementing Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes in their technologies and products. A number of leading European and Japanese companies already producing and selling Single Walled Carbon Nanotube based products have already announced their participation.

You are cordially invited to join this event. Should you be interested to participate, we simply ask you to contact us by e-mail. A program and registration form will be e-mailed within the next two weeks. Please forward this mail to any other members of your organization and colleagues who might be interested.

Contacts :

Dr Christophe Bichara (; +33 6 62 92 28 73)
Dr Hakim Amara (; + 33 1 46 73 48 90)
Dr Annick Loiseau (; + 33 1 46 73 44 53)

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The 7th edition of Graphene Conference series, the largest European Event in Graphene and 2D Materials, will be organized in Barcelona (Spain) from the 28th until the 31st of March 2017. Over the past 6 editions, the Graphene Conference strengthened its position as the main meeting point of the Graphene community Worldwide.

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Welcome to the website of the annual meeting of the GDR-I GNT !

The conference will be held in « Village de Vacances la Vieille Perrotine », in Saint Pierre d'Oléron, France, from October 9 to October 13, 2016.

For more informations, please visit the website here

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