Past Events

Their objective is to sustain, initiate and cross-link the research conducted in the research units in a federative manner on prioritized topics. GDR activities are aiming at promoting exchanges between scientists, sharing know-ledges and know-hows, facilitating the access to instrumental or technical facilities, initiating cooperative researches on hot subjects, training young researchers and finally disseminating scientific achievements. GDR organizes platforms such as thematic or strategic workshops, international conferences and thematic schools. It contributes also to program committees of large conferences such as APS or MRS. It favours the participation of young researchers to these events via bursaries. Finally, it organises annually a general workshop gathering together all the community and aiming at fostering collaborative projects.

Major events created or organized by the group:

  • Organisation of the 9th international conference on Science and Applications of nanotubes (NT08) in Montpellier in 2008 with more than 800 attendees (
  • Introduction of the International Conferences Series Graphene and organisation of the first and second conferences (Bilbao, 2011 and Brussels 2012) ( )
  • Lavoisier Discussions : brainstorming forum workshops aiming at defining research roadmaps on topics prioritized by the GDR such as : Dirac Matter, Chemistry of and on graphene, hybrid graphene, synthesis, characterization
  • Annual meetings : Guidel, France (2013) - Lyon, France (2012) - Dourdan, France (2011)  Coma-Ruga, Spain (2009), Autrans, France (2008)…