Millie Dresselhaus

Millie Dresselhaus died earlier on Monday 20th February at the Mount Auburn Hospital surrounded by her family and other people she loved. Her funeral will be arranged for this Wednesday at MIT (by Jewish tradition this must happen very soon).

We are indebted so much to her for all she has done in the field of graphite and related materials  and how she has inspired researches worldwide with an amazing energy and vision during fifty years.

The plan at MIT is to celebrate Millie's life at a larger gathering in the future. Memorial sessions will be organized at the next Graphene conference 2017 at Bercelona next March at the Conference NT17 in June at Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

The story on the MIT website provides some broad information, in addition to MIT-specific details


The coordinators of the GDR/GDR-I Graphene and co

10:03am, 24/02/17