Graphene School 2010

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Cargese Institute

Tuesday 12th - Friday 22nd October 2010, Cargese, Corsica

The recent emergence of graphene has generated a world-wide - and highly competitive - scientific enthusiasm, due to the extraordinary properties which are expected from graphene-based nano-objects and their derivatives. Its structural and chemical simplicity makes graphene a very convenient systems for fundamental research and for the development of nano-scale sciences. On the other hand, the numerous variations of the graphene based nano-objects allow a unique variability of properties (transport, mechanical, optical, chemical...) and an unusually high number of potential applications, spanning energy, nanoelectronics, or chemical industry. Graphene is also ideal  for chemists who can modify its properties by functionalisation, grafting, adsorption and doping. Investigating graphene clearly requires the involvement of scientists in areas related to physics, chemistry, and materials sciences.

This growing interest, triggered by the numerous potential applications of graphene in future nanotechnology, motivates this interdisciplinary school on graphene. The school is aimed at PhD students, post-doctoral and young researchers in the first instance.

The school, initiated by the GdR-I « Graphene and Nanotubes » , will deal with properties and characterisation of monolayers and multilayers of graphene and graphene-based nano-objects, from the points of views of physicists, chemists and material scientists. Both fundamental and applied aspects will be considered. It will offer participants both background lectures, essential for the interdisciplinary approach that is proposed, and specialised courses, which will include the most recent developments in the field. Practical training on numerical simulations and experimentation such scanning tunneling microscopy will be organized. The lecturers of the school are researchers known for their pedagogic skills and internationally recognized for their expertise in the field of graphene. The participants will be encouraged to present their own work (also in adjacent fields) during poster sessions.